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Credit Card payment error

September 08, 2021 1 min read

Soooooo... Paypal has struck! and removed their payment platform from our store.

You guys know the deal. It has been happening to all good vape stores everywhere, systematically, overtime.

The good news is we have a number of alternative payment options available including Zippay, Poli (Australia Post), Bitpay (bitcoin) and of course Credit card payment platform (Merchant Warrior).

Please be patient as we implement the new platform....(the joys of technology right)

So far feedback on the credit card payment system is that, for some reason the first attempt fails, but then the purchase goes through on the second attempt.

We have the tech team working on this around the clock to get it sorted, so hang in there!!!

No doubt it will be as seamless as always in no time.

Cheers guys :)