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So YOUR right to vape could be taken away!

November 07, 2019 3 min read

While the media frenzy of vaping demonisation has calmed down, make no mistake, many of the "powers that be" still intend on removing our rights to access these products.


Let's get right to it.

These are the people you need to contact. They are undecided and uneducated on the benefits of vaping. Help educate them on this important matter.
Don't forget that messages from your non vaping friends and family members has a powerful impact too.


JENNY MIKAKOS MP (Labor) - Government Health Minister

Twitter: @JennyMikakos http://twitter.com/JennyMikakos

Facebook: @JennyMikakosMP https://www.facebook.com/JennyMikakosMP/

Email:  jenny.mikakos@parliament.vic.gov.au


GEORGIE CROZIER (Liberal) - Shadow Health Minister

Twitter: @georgiecrozier

Facebook: Georgie Crozier

Email: georgie.crozier@parliament.vic.gov.au


This is a great place to start. Use the hastag #ivapeivote #vapingsaveslives


Tweet, message, post, visit or email them.

Present your concerns about the state of vaping, about your right to access life saving tobacco harm reduction methods - the one you should be allowed to choose and that has been succesful for you.

It should go without say that you should be polite and leave your frustrations out of it. Facts, your story and where your vote lies, is enough.

Don't forget, these are members of parliament, just people like you and me, they are representatives of the people, they work for YOU! Let them know where your vote lies and your stance on vaping.

MP David Limbrick, spoke recently in parliament to discuss the health legislation amendemnt bill: https://www.facebook.com/davidlimbrickldp/videos/vb.1571032399861283/461347251176338/?type=2&theater

This post, as you can imagine, received an overwhelming response.

Here is a few summarised highlights from the video:

 - The tobacco act was designed to protect people from the risks of smoking and to discourage people from smoking. It also acted to promote health and illness prevention {catergorising vapes in with the tobacco act is a direct contradiction of this aim}

- Australia has regulated vape devices and vaping as though it is the same as smoking, "...this may well undermine the very aim of the tobacco act itself"

- Using the recent incident, isolated to the USA, tobacco harm reduction opposers, sought to discredit the safety of vaping forcing smokers, (via fear mongering and misinformation), back to smoking. Rather than highlighting the truth, which is that this is black market and poorly regulated products.

- Disadvantaged groups in society have higher rates of suffering and higher risks associated with tobacco use. Listen to the community who is affected - ex-smokers who credit this smoking alternative with improving their health and saving their lives.

- Youth uptake statistics, (McRobbie) 0.5% in the UK, 0.4% in NZ and 0.1% in USA of non smoking, under 18 year olds have taken up vaping.


David Limbrick MP also provided a list of MP's who would benefit from YOUR story. The two members listed above are a good place of Victorian vapers to start.


Other cross benchers unsure of their position on vaping:

Rod Barton MP (Transport Matters)

Stuart Grimley MP (Hinch Justice)

Andy Meddick MP (Animal Justice)

Catherine Cumming (Independant western metro MP MLC)

Samantha Ratnam (greens)

Clifford Hayes MP (Sustainable Australia)

Jeff Bournam MP (SFFP)


Of course, as always, if you haven't already support those that are supporting us:

** ATHRA - https://athra.org.au/

** Legalise vaping - https://www.legalisevaping.com.au/