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Spare parts - from the most popular to the obscure

January 24, 2022 1 min read

You all know that we have a great range of products at our stores, plenty of choices and variety, but did you know that VAPR stocks some of the most extensive range of spare parts, bits & pieces and obscure replacements?


After close to 6 years in the industry and with a slew of locations over that time, VAPR has accumulated a wealth of spare parts, rarely seen.

From difficult to source replacement glass to spare parts sets from kits.


Sure, we don't have EVERYTHING ever made, (and of course we only stock reputable brands...so no weird tobacconist brand stuff), but you guys know how crazy the vape products get and how quickly they deal out new variations on old favourites and as such our spare parts collection has grown.


If you have "an oldie but a goodie" tank or kit, that is sitting in retirement due to missing an o-ring, replacement glass, discontinued coil, battery door or the likes.....we may just be able to help you out.


Pop into our Sunbury store, shoot us an email at: admin@vapr.com.au or give us a call 0490 609 561 and we will see if we can help you out with your unique need.


Lastly, and this is the best bit. These little saviour pieces are priced super low....so no ridiculously exorbitant prices despite their rarity!!