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Top 3 Best Vaping Starter Kits 2016

November 02, 2016 4 min read

The best of anything really is very subjective, however we thought we would publish a blog post that went through the most popular starter kits this year and what we think of them!

# 1.

THE DEVICE:  AIO - Joyetech bought out the AIO earlier this year. It was a revolutionary design that incorporated the tank and battery all in one, (hence AIO), maintaining a very simple design in a compact top filling style with no variable settings to ensure a simple but quality vaping experience.  

Due to it's overwhelming popularity, Joyetech went on to release the D22, ( a shorter, fatter design), the D16, (a longer, thinner designer), the AIO Box, (a box shaped AIO), the AIO Pro, (an all round larger design) and two other versions which supported removable batteries. 

OUR OPINION: At an affordable price point this little device earned it's place as one of this years best starter kits because of it's ease of filling, powerful battery and impressive cloud production and flavour. Really simple to set up, charge, fill, use and replace coils on, the AIO has undoubtedly been a best seller and a personal favourite. One thing worthy of mention about this popular little device is that it can tend to have some spit back going on, however we found that this is easily overcome by removing the drip tip, (mouthpiece), and giving the device a good firm flick which clears out the excess juice causing the bulk of the spit back issue.

UPDATE:- I have gone on to update to the AIO PRO as I tend to vape quite a lot throughout the day and the PRO requires less frequent filling due to it's 4ml ejuice capacity, that being said, the original AIO is more than adequate in size for those who vape less frequently.


# 2.

istick 30w eleaf vapr.com.au  aspire K1 tank vapr.com.au

THE DEVICE: iSTICK 30W + K1 TANK -While still very much suited to beginners, this kit is made up of the Eleaf 30w istick battery and the aspire K1 tank.  Firstly the compact battery is a versatile and powerful 'mini box' style that presents variable wattage and voltage settings. To begin with these will remain largely untouched, however, if you start to advance your way through various device and/or tanks, the battery will be able to grow with these changes. When starting out with the K1 bottom filling tank, the wattage will predominantly remain locked at 11.5-12w and will provide an extremley satisfying mouth to lung, (MTL), vaping style, but should you choose to up grade to a larger tank requiring higher wattage, (lower ohm coils), or you want to switch between MTL and DTL, (direct to lung), vaping styles this battery can accommodate.

OUR OPINION:  This has been my wifes set up for more than 12 months. Despite being able to upgrade and change between all the various MTL devices, this has always remained her firm favourite. As stated above, the device can fire up to 30w but my wife loves the K1 tank and as such rarely touches the variable settings.  As the tank is detachable, you are able to purchase multiple tanks and fill them with various flavours and easily change between the tanks for a new flavour. Overall this is a really top quality set up with opportunity to change between tanks and vaping styles.


# 3 


THE DEVICE:  T18 & T22 -The Innokin T18 and T22 devices are regularly recommended by advanced vapers to beginner vapers as being THE best, most 'cigarette like' vape device.  Due largely to its tight draw and warm vapour, the T18 and T22 best replicate the feel and experience you would be used to when smoking.  The device is composed of a removable tank and built in battery, which, similarly to the AIO offers top filling for simple ejuice refills. The T18 is the pen style and has a 2ml tank, while the T22 has a larger 4ml tank and larger battery for a 'box' style look and feel and extended battery life. Noteworthy on this device is it's lack of airflow control, while we consider this to be fairly minor a 'con' particularly for a new vaper, it is the tight draw on this device, that makes it standout and adjustment to this seems unneccesary as replicating smoking does not warrant the need for an 'airy' draw.

OUR OPINION:  A great device, popular for new vapers, the T18 and T22 present a great alternative option to the AIO. A stylish little pen and mini box mod style offer versatility to looks and size while still maintaining a great quality product that ensures a satisfying vaping experience which is simple to use an maintain.


IN SUMMARY:  Vaping is a world of endless options, which can be really overwhelming in the beginning.  Finding a good quality device, with a simple user friendly set up can be the make or break of whether you stick to it.  The top three devices we have reviewed here are merely the tip of the iceberg but for us have proven to be the most popular and for good reason. At the end of the day once you have decided on your budget and the look of the device that best suits you, you're half way there.

What has been your experience with vaping so far and which device would you consider to be among the best for 2016?

For any assistance or support get in touch with us here and we will happily guide you through the fun process of figuring out which device is best for you!

Happy vaping!