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Vape Ban Australia 2024

March 04, 2024 3 min read

What is going on with the vaping ban in Australia?

At this stage, imports of ALL vaping products have been banned. This means your favourite vape shops, online and store front will not be able to purchase their stock. This includes all hardware, wire, cotton, coils, international juices, EVERYTHING. This import ban came into effect on March 1st.

Shops can continue to trade at the moment, however, stock is low and running out fast and closure is imininent if we don't push back, (more on that later).

Will VAPR and other retail vape shops close?

The labor government is pushing for the ban of retail vape sales, so yes, this means that ALL vape shops will have to close. The government have, in their own words, admitted that open system/refillable vapes, are NOT the problem. That the disposables, (that have ALWAYS been illegal are the problem), and yet they intend on pushing forward with a blanket ban on disposable AND all other traditional vapes.

What does this mean for you?

You will likely have noticed that many of your essential vaping items are getting more difficult to buy and in some cases are more expensive. As imports have closed, vape shops can utilise local suppliers however the costs are significantly higher.

If vape shops close, the black market will boom. It has always been illegal and yet it has done nothing but thrive. If the government remove your access to currently compliant vaping products, (non disposable), demand for the illegal version will soar - history has shown us prohibition, not only does not work, but supports a thriving illegal trade.

As the government acknowledges that vaping is a valuable tool, they are allowing the sale of prefilled, pod style systems out of the chemist.

A little on this:

1. Most chemists have no idea of this, do not stock them, do not intend on stocking them or know nothing about the nuances of the product and the individual vapers needs.

2. Those that are currently available are VERY expensive and are destined to be lumped in with the pharmaceuticals current NRT products, (patches, gums, pills and sprays), simply put they are expensive and ineffective.

3. You will be restricted to very high mg, very low watts, no flavour and the expectation you would take 1 puff a day. Clearly this "replacement" has been born out of ignorance and no consideration of the actual needs of 1.7+ million vapers has been taken into account.

What can you do?

- Email, Call or visit your local MP. You can check here.

This link will also assist you in emailing your local MP in 3 easy steps.

- Sign the petition (if you haven't already) here (petition closes March 6th)

- Ask your friends and family (even if they're not vapers) to also contact their local MP on your behalf. Our success in quitting, thanks to vaping, positively impacts more than just us!!

- Keep an eye out on our socials, for anymore opportunities to get involved with the push to save our Australian vaping industry.


Between now and March 18th, if we don't push back, access to your vapes and your vaping community, will be gone forever.

Support from the opposition and other political parties is growing. Ultimately all the politicians care about are votes. Your health is not their priority. It is essential that you let them know NOW, how closing vape shops and limiting your access to your vape products will negatively impact you. As always be respectful and share how vaping has improved your life and how this ban will impact you. Let them know that if they're willing to support you, you will act inkind and support them. 

At the end of the day we all agree. The ban on disposables should have always been enforced. We should be working toward a system whereby vape shops are licensed and regulated.

I know many of you have been down this road before, fighting back by sending emails, signing petitions, making phone calls and visiting your local MP. I know it's frustrating, but this our one last push. The Australian vaping industry will cease to exist if we do nothing and our huge and diverse vaping community voice is our last hope.

Thank you to all of you who have sent your well wishes through and all your thoughful messages. Thanks also for all your support over the years. We will continue to fight back alongside you all.

The VAPR Team