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April 06, 2016 2 min read

You have seen it out and about, watched a video or seen some posts on facebook or youtube, maybe someone at work takes their vape break, either way, it's hard to ignore the vape enthusiasts among us!

What is worth mentioning is that vaping is not smoking. Vaping has no affiliation with tobacco. Vaping is not the inhalation of burning matter and does not include a vast and complex cocktail of chemicals or tar. 

Vaping IS the inhalation of vapor, composed of a food grade liquid, meeting the highest and most strict international standards, mixed with a wide variety of flavours. While legislation prohibits the sale and promotion of vaping as a theraputic means to quit smoking, many have made this connection on their own. What has been stated by numerous reputable and highly regarded independant medical scientists and professionals is that vaping is considered 95% less harmful than tobacco smoking. 

Our purpose for selling vaporisers, (previously known as e-cigarettes), is to support, inform, equip and share.

Support - your freedom of choice, support you in your transition and provide ongoing assistance.

Inform - Supply you with the most unbiased, up to date information, research and legislation so that you may be able to make your own informed choices

Equip -We are sourcing vaporisers that are of the highest quality, devices that are well regarded, at the forefront of vaping, provide ease of use without compromising quality and that deliver on exceptional flavour. We aim to keep the process of buying your first and subsequent upgraded devices and accessories simple and straight forward.

Share -  The vaping community is a growing and diverse world. It is made up of all manner of individuals. The one uniting factor is our enthusiasm for better lifestyle choices and enjoyment of the vaping experience. We will always endeavour to provide an in person experience where we can share information, give you the chance to try flavours and devices to find the combination that suits you - Hope to see you there!

 Happy Vaping guys - heres to challenging our vices, embracing alternative choices, and having the freedom to choose