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April 20, 2024 1 min read

After, just a week shy of, 5 years at our Tariff court location in Werribee, VAPR Werribee is closing and relocating!!

A short explanation on why:

The short of it is that insurance on VAPE shops has come under some scrutiny, because of the criminal behaviours surrounding tobacconists and corner stores.

As has always been the case, VAPE shops are being painted with the same brush as tobaconnists, the same tobaconnists that also sell illegitimate vape products with no regard for WHAT they are selling or WHO they are selling them to. They are the antithesis of a VAPE shop.

Due to the changes to insurance and an unhelpful, greedy and unreasonable "building entity", we have made the decision to find a more suitable home for our Werribee store. Quick note: our landlord and real estate agent for that location were champions and did not want us to move.

While usually it is sad to move on from such an established location, we're actually super excited to move somewhere suited to our happy and positive vibes!!

We are working hard and as fast as possible to get a new location sorted and fit out. As soon as it is locked in we will provide details of where and when we will be back up and running.

In the meantime our Sunbury store is operating as usual, open Mon-Sat and our online store can ship out to you if that is a bit far.

See you soon, our AWESOME Werribee peeps!!

The VAPR Team