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Where To Buy Vapes From A trusted Vape Store Australia

May 13, 2020 2 min read

Where to Buy Quality Vapes in Melbourne

Far from a niche hobby, vaping is a recognised lifestyle choice in this day and age. But, even with more recognition there are misconceptions that continue to surface. First, vaporizers are not the same as cigarettes. They may produce smoke but most, if not all, vape flavourings contain no nicotine or other chemicals found in cigarettes. Some smokers enjoy vaping as an alternative to cigarettes with a similar experience, but many vapers enjoy the experience for its own sake.

With vape stores popping up across the CBD, finding where to buy the highest quality vaporizers is a challenge. Vapr are a specialty supplier of personal vaporizers aiming to guide and inform vapers new and old into everything the world of vaping has to offer. There’s a lot of steps to starting vaping, but we’re here to help. With vape batteries, flavoured e-juice, e-cigarettes and vape pens in store; we’ll take you from novice vaper to seasoned expert.

Visit our vape shops in Melbourne

We have 3 dedicated vape shops where you’ll find expert advice, support for beginners and quality vaping products. Two of our vape stores are in Werribee and Laverton, west of Melbourne’s CBD, and the third is in north-west Sunbury. If you prefer a one-on-one customer experience, then our vape shops are the ideal place to meet and interact with others from the diverse vaping community.

Buy vapes in our online store

When you know exactly what kind of vaporizers you need, or just want a refill on your e-juice, the convenience of online shopping is hard to ignore. We deliver vaping products across Australia, so whether you’re as close as the Melbourne CBD or as far as Brisbane; Vapr can supply everything you need to maintain a quality vaping lifestyle. If you have questions or concerns about our products, feel free to contact us on 0490 609 561.