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Vapes. Just For Beginners

We have put together a selection of the best selling starter kits and best selling juices to make it easy if you have no idea on where to start or what to buy.

If you just want to replace a cigarette, our reccommendation is the T18 or T22 with our Stuyvo e-juice, (or Blue Ice for menthol lovers) - This is the most popular starter setup for beginner vapers - You cant go wrong.



* The T18 replicates a cigarette better than any other starter kit. It has a nice warm vape and tight draw, just like the real thing. If you would prefer the feel of holding a box over a pen style device, then there is the T22 - exactly the same experience as the T18 just bigger battery and bigger tank.

* The AIO also replicates a cigarette style of vaping. It is a bit more powerful than the T18 and offers adjustable air flow so that the draw is not as tight, (a feature some prefer).  The AIO Pro version has a bigger battery and bigger tank, and is the better option for those who vape more frequently and thus requires less frequent refilling - (my daily vaping device)

* The Aspire K3 offers a high end design in a pen style that has a nice smooth vape and good cloud. 

For those that like the Direct to Lung (DTL) experience and blowing bigger clouds we recommend 

* The Aspire K4 -  a stylish pen type vape, the same high end finnish as the K3 but more powerful and a DTL vape style, Fantastic flavour and dense cloud production.

* The iJust S -  a little power house device.  It is a compact and tough little design which offers awesome cloud production and great flavour - One of my early favourite cloud making pen style devices and very popular.

* The Coolfire IV -  Another fanstastic complete DTL kit but in a box style. You get a 100w battery that gives you the option to change tanks if you ever want something new and this device also allows for variable setting changes, so that it can grow with you as your vaping habits evolve.



This list is based on our best selling and most popular e-juices sold from our tasting bar. The two best sellers are Hawk Sauce & Stuyvo - Everyone loves it.

Tobacco: Stuyvo

Menthol: Blue Ice

Fruity cocktails: Hawk Sauce, Maui Sunrise

Dessert: Huckleberry ice-cream, Jamington, 

Fruits:  Strawbana, Green Apple