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The sale and supply of nicotine in Australia is ILLEGAL and we do not sell nor supply it.

The short version: 

*Pick your starter kit to suit your budget or style HERE 

*Pick your E-Juice flavors from HERE

*Get some nicotine (PG) from HERE

*Get some PG/VG HERE

*Go to the doubler mixing calculator HERE

*Read the instructions, fill your tank 

*All done. It's that easy


The long (detailed) version:

*  There is two different types of vaping. Mouth to lung (MTL) and Direct to lung (DTL) Mouth to lung mimics smoking a cigarette, (drawing vapor into your mouth then inhaling to your lung) and direct to lung is like bypassing the draw into your mouth and inhaling straight to your lungs, (like sucking on a wide mouth straw in the air). This usually produces more vapor/clouds and has more air flow.

As a beginner MTL I would suggest the AIO, T18, aspire kits or Cubis tank in the Vapr starter kit and for DTL the Coolfire, ijust or ijust mini. It really comes down to the style you want or your budget.


*  Flavors come in two strengths. Ready to vape and a doubler. Ready to vape is mixed to the right concentrate so you just pour it into your tank and vape with zero nicotine and doublers, (a word invented by the vaping community), is double the flavour strength so it can be diluted with nicotine. 

Choosing your flavors comes down to your own taste buds. Most people tend to go for the tobacco flavors to start off with then go to the more adventurous flavors like the fruity cocktails. It took me about 10 flavor trials to find the one I like and vape all day, (Hawk Sauce).

*  Nicotine is dangerous in high concentrates. Some places sell it up to 999.9% pure. Don't ever buy it this strong. Its VERY dangerous for everyone. Even the postie if it leaks in transit. As a beginner, don't buy it stronger than 50mg or 5% until you know what you are doing. Also order it as PG 

To mix your nicotine into your doubler flavour you would first choose what strength you want to vape. You are better off starting at a low 'mg' and increasing it if it's not satisfying. I would suggest starting at between 6mg-10mg and if it's not satisfying then go up to 12mg. 12mg will give you a pretty good throat hit. Going up to 18mg is pretty high. I personally wouldn't go over that.

Once you have decided what strength of nicotine to vape at, go to our Nicotine mixing calculator. For the example I will guess you have 50mg base nicotine and a 15ml doubler in a 30ml bottle and you want to vape at 12mg. So in the calculator you would enter 50 into the first line, 'Nicotine base', then 12 into the second line, 'target strength', and 30 into the third line, 'amount to make'. Below is the mixing results, 7.20ml of nicotine base, 7.80 of PG/VG and 15ml of doubler. Use a syringe to accurately measure the nicotine and PG/VG and mix it all into the 30ml bottle. Job done!!!

*  The PG/VG is vegetable glycerine and propylene glycol. This is used to dilute your E-Juice. The PG carries the flavour and adds to the throat hit and the VG is what makes the vapor/clouds. Stick to a 50/50 ratio as a good starting point. So for now, (and using the example above), get the 50/50 mix to use for mixing your nicotine. As you get more experienced and a better understanding you may choose different PG/VG ratio's. 

 So thats it... 

 If you are still not sure what to do or how to start just send us an email or use our contact us form with your questions or message us on the chat at the bottom right of the screen and we will get back to you asap. 


Happy Vaping!!