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Electronic and Vapour Cigarette Australia

Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits in Australia

It may have cigarette in the name, but ecigs are far different from typical cigarettes. E-cigarettes or vapour cigarettes are used to vape, not smoke and do not involve the vast levels of chemicals found in other cigarettes. They are popular with smokers for the mere fact that they replicate the experience of smoking however, they are also used by non-smokers to enjoy vaping for its own sake.

At Vapr we want to introduce curious beginners to the exciting world of vaping in a safe, informative environment. Our electronic cigarette starter kits are an ideal way to get your bearings and discover a new hobby. We are a Melbourne-based business with multiple retail shops, and delivery around Australia of our high quality vaping products.

How to use an ecig

E-cigarettes are pretty simple devices. Once set up, simply fill with your preferred e-juice, turn it on and the atomizer will heat up your liquid producing vapours to inhale. Starter kits are the best way to get going as a beginner since they come with everything you need to use your ecig straight away, including; vape batteries, pens, an atomizer and user manual. All that’s left is to order your favourite vape juice flavour, which we have hundreds to choose from. We stock both mouth to lung kits for fuller flavour vaping and direct to lung kits which offer a vaping experience similar to Shisha. Choosing between is as simple as deciding which way you prefer to vape.

Visit our Melbourne shops or order e-cigarettes online

With 3 e-cigarette shops across Melbourne – in Sunbury, Werribee and Laverton – plus an online store; we’re Australia’s preferred electronic cigarette suppliers. If you’re a beginner needing advice or have questions about vapour cigarettes, our team are always happy to help. Simply call us on 0490 464 476 or submit an enquiry online and we’ll get back to you soon.