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Advanced Personal Vaporizer (APV) – This is the term that more accurately describes the modern vaping device. A large change to the early e-cigarettes and cigalike models has seen an enormous improvement to the vaping technology.


Airflow – The amount of air sucked into an atomizer or tank. Variations to this setting, (if applicable to your device), can determine the strength of the throat hit, amount of vapor produced and intensity of flavour.


All Day Vape – A term used to describe an ejuice that you can comfortably and enjoyably vape all day and on a regular basis as opposed to other more novel flavours.


Analog (or stinkies) – A slang term used widely in the vaping community to describe regular tobacco cigarettes.


Atomizer/Tank/Clearomiser – Also called “atty/clearo” for short, For the purpose of simplification and in regards to our vapr range of products these are ultimately variations of the same or similar thing. (If you would like a more in-depth definition Google will throw up plenty of results) but basically this is the part of a vaporizer that houses the coil, wick and juice which is heated to be inhaled producing vapor from e-liquid.


Battery – The vaporizers power source, as your devices become more advanced battery knowledge will become paramount. There are a vast variety used and knowing proper battery care will ensure your device runs effortlessly, powerfully and safely. The battery components in the vaporizers vapr stock are specifically for new and beginner users or those looking for a simplified set up. These will be fully enclosed rechargeable units that do not have removable batteries. The battery is also where you will find your screens, your fire button/ on/off button and any adjustable settings.


Box Mod – Refers to a type of vaporizers that’s shaped like a box which houses powerful removable batteries, (known as 18650). Due to their powerful capacity and customizable options they are popular among advanced vapers with a liking for dense thick cloud production and offer power outputs ranging from 20 watts to 200 watts.


Clouds – In reference to the thick and dense production of exhaled vapor. A novel byproduct of vaping, but incredibly popular nonetheless.


Coil – The part within the atomizer, consisting of wire wrapped around a wick to assist in the heating of the eliquid to be vaporized for inhalation.

Doubler – A double strength juice concentrate made to allow a 1:1 dilution of a combination of PG, VG and nicotine to mix up your own nicotine e-juices at your desired PG/VG ratio and desired nicotine mg strength.


Draw – A term to describe the act of inhaling vapor from the mouthpiece to your mouth.


Drip Tip – A term referring to the mouthpiece at the top of your atomizer


Dry Hit – A term that describes taking a draw from your vaporizer that is low on or has run out of e-juice causing the cotton to burn and producing a horrible burnt taste. This can also happen if you do not prime a new coil properly. In this instance you will need to change coils as once the wick is burnt the taste will remain unpleasant till changed.

E-Juice (E-Liquid) – This refers to the liquid solution that is vaporized to create vapor. It is made from propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG) and flavoring. E-juices in Australia are not sold with nicotine.


E-Cigarette – This is the term that best described the earliest devices, which have evolved to become the modern vaporizer of today. Originally created to give smokers an alternative means to satisfy their nicotine cravings by design from Hon Lik. These early models were intended to look like a traditional cigarette and had limited flavours and customization. Today’s vaporizers incorporate better technology with easy customization to allow for a pleasant vaping experience with potential for delivery of chosen nicotine strengths.


Easy Mix Doubler – This is an e-juice similar to the doubler, in that it is a double strength concentrate which half fills a bottle to allow the mixing in of PG,VG and nicotine to be added directly to the bottle.


Flooding – This is what happens when an atomizer is overfilled. A flooded atomizer is characterized by reduced vapor production accompanied by gurgling noises and some spray of the juice from the atty into your mouth. This is fairly easy fixed, either blow gently INTO the top of your piece to help push out the excess liquid or alternatively pull the mouthpiece off and give the device a couple of hard ‘flicks’ into a sink to dispel the excess liquid!


Inhale – The act of breathing vapor into your lungs or mouth. Vaping devices offer two methods of inhalation: mouth-to-lung inhale and direct to lung inhale. Direct to lung is when vapor goes straight to your lungs; this is often used by cloud chasers and high wattage users. Mouth-to-lung inhale is when vapor is inhaled to the mouth, then to the lungs. This type is the most common, and is the same kind of inhale used by cigarette smokers.


Juice – Another term for e-liquid.


Leaking – When e-juice leaks out of an atomizer/tank etc. This can cause damage to e-cigarettes if the e-juice starts to leak into the battery.

mAh – An abbreviation of milliamp ere-hour, this is the term used to describe a battery’s capacity to store energy. The higher the mAh, the longer its life before needing to be recharged.


Mouthpiece – The end from which users inhale vapor.


Mouth-to-Lung Hit – This is the typical way of inhaling smoke by cigarette smokers. For vapers, vapor is inhaled into the mouth, and then inhaled to the lungs. Though providing less vapor than direct lung vaporizers, this method provides more flavor.


Nicotine – this is one of thousands of substances found in cigarettes, Dr. Human stated on the documentary ‘A Billion Lives’ states that “nicotine addicts while tar and smoke kill” Many vapers have successfully reduced their nicotine usage periodically over time to 0mg. While Australian retailers are prohibited from selling nicotine, it is perfectly legal to purchase nicotine for your own personal use. The addition of nicotine to e-liquids added to vaporizers is a key component of the success, as stated by various studies, which aid the transition of smoking to vaping.


Ohm – The unit of measurement used for electrical resistance. A lower ohm reading for coils means hotter and thicker vapor, while a higher ohm reading means cooler vapes.


Pass-through – When an e-cig model is described as having pass-through capabilities, this means the unit can be used while it is charging, connected to a cable.


Propylene Glycol (PG) – One of two base substances used in e-liquid. PG is an over-the-counter substance used in many foodstuffs, it is the main component that carries the medication in certain asthmatic medications. Our PG is locally sourced from a reputable supplier and is of excellent purity meeting strict industry regulations for pharmaceutical grade.


Priming/ Prime the coil – Before using a new vaporizer, a few drops of e-liquid need to be added directly to the coil to ensure the cotton is fully saturated. The tank/atomizer is then filled and left to sit to ensure the wick in the coil is fully saturated. This needs to be done with every coil change and new device.


RDA – The abbreviation for “Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer”

Resistance – Measured in ohms, resistance depends on the thickness of wire used in a coil, the number of coils, the circumference of the coils, and how thick the coils are wound.


RBA – Short for “Rebuildable Atomizer”


RTA – Short for “Rebuildable Tank Atomizer”


Starter Kit – A package that consists of a complete device. Usually containing a battery, an atomizer, usb charger and user manual. Some come with other additional pieces including extra mouthpieces, spare o-rings, stands and e-liquid.


Steeping – A term used by DIY e-juice makers to describe the act of letting newly mixed e-juice sit open to the air for at least six hours to let the ingredients settle. Similar to the way in which tea is left to steep to infuse and strengthen flavor.


Sub-ohming – A practice used by experienced vapers to produce massive clouds of vapor by building coils with ohm readings below 1.0 ohm.


Throat Hit – The sensation after vapor hits the throat. Many vapers look to simulate the harsh throat hit of cigarettes, while some prefer a smoother throat hit.


Vaper – A term used to describe anyone who uses vaporizers, (e-cigarettes).


Vapor – The result of atomizing e-liquid, this is also referred to as “clouds.” This is the main factor in vaping that simulates smoke to give an alternative to traditional cigarettes.


Vapor Production – A term used to describe the “clouds” or amount of vapor an e-cig or e-liquid produces in combination with the device and it’s various settings and components.


Vegetable Glycerol or Glycerin (VG) – One of two base ingredients used in the production of e-liquid. Vegetable Glycerol typically produces more vapor than Propylene Glycol (PG). Users who are allergic to PG often use 90% or 100% VG solutions. Our VG is locally sourced from a reputable supplier and is of excellent purity and meets strict industry regulations for pharmaceutical grade


VV or Variable Voltage – A setting on your device that allows you to adjust the power generated from the battery to customize your vaping experience. This is a setting for more advances users that requires some understanding of your coil ohm capacity.


VW or Variable Wattage – Variable Wattage devices allow users to adjust the wattage output of their vaporizer. Variable wattage compared to variable voltage is a more autopilot setting, this will adjust the voltage for you and is a setting more suited for new users to experiment with. The variable voltage is a more advanced setting which requires a better understanding of vaporizers, coil capabilities, ohms law and so forth. It allows advanced users to get really refined vaping results. EXAMPLE: As a quick and easy reference using photography as the analogy, variable wattage is like shooting in AUTO setting so that all the more refined settings are selected for you such as aperture, depth of field etc., whereas variable voltage is like using the manual setting on a camera where you have to be able to modify all the relevant settings in accordance to all the other variables i.e. battery power, coil ohm, etc. to achieve an optimal vape.


Wick – often made from silica, other materials used for wicks include stainless steel mesh, organic cotton and ceramic. The main purpose of the wick is to hold and deliver e-liquid to the heating element in a controlled manner so as to prevent flooding.


Wire – This is the term that refers to the material used in an atomizer’s coil.