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Base Strength mg
Target Strength mg
Bottle Size ml
Add 1.80 ml
Nicotine Base 1.80
PG/VG 13.20
Doubler 15.00



Get your prescription by clicking this link HERE. You will be redirected to a booking page to book your appointment with a TGA approved doctor in Australia. *Click Tobacco cessation initial consultation. * Choose your correct time zone from the drop down box. Then select the time you want your appointment.  A doctor with call you at your booked time. 


Order your nicotine from HERE. The doctor will pass your prescription over to the chemist so there will be no need to upload the script. This nicotine will be shipped by a TGA approved Australian Pharmacy.  Because the nicotine is being shipped within Australia it will only take 1-3 days to arrive at your door via AusPost Express Post.  You will also get an emailed copy of your prescription.


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100mg is a very high strength product. It is strongly recommended that when handling and during the mixing process you wear gloves, work in a ventilated area, keep the product away from kids and pets, (including whilst in storage), and thoroughly clean your work space at the end.

Do not vape 100mg nicotine, avoid contact with your skin, Keep it away from kids, don't drink it, don't sniff it, Don't bath in it etc. BE CAREFUL!


*** VAPR PTY LTD is NOT affiliated with www.vapescripts.com. We are just trying to help with the confusion that surrounds ordering nicotine and providing you with information to make your vaping experience easier and to make sure you get a good quality, regulated TGA approved product without being ripped off.


If its your first time mixing nicotine, be careful. Use latex gloves in a ventilated work space. AVOID SKIN CONTACT. Always keep nicotine out of reach of children. Measure your nicotine accurately. Start your nic level low and build it up to your desired strength. Don't start with a high level. You can always add more but you cant take it out. 3mg -12mg is a common range to vape at.

1. Enter the mg strength of your nicotine you ordered into the 'Nicotine Base Strength' field, this would be 100mg

2. Enter your intended vape strength ie, 12mg, 6mg, 3mg, into the 'Target Nicotine Strength field. This will have a bearing on the 'throat feel' of the vaping experience and is solely dependent on your preference. If you are unsure about this send us a message and we will send you a prompt reply!

3. Lastly, enter in the size of the bottle your mixing. This will either be a 10ml, 30ml, 60ml or 120ml bottle.

4. The remaining fields will reveal the correct and accurate amounts of the liquids that will need to be added to your doubler flavour. PG/VG can be purchased from HERE

5. Shake and vape - NOTE: allowing the flavours some time to steep, (just like with tea, sitting and infusing), will improve the taste, so over time you may find that your vaping flavour improves or intensifies as you use it.