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Welcome to Vapr!

Vapr is a dedicated, family run and owned vape retailer, providing a vast range of genuine & high quality vape devices and accessories. We offer both online and in store purchasing and endeavour to provide an informative and friendly service to every customer regardless of their vape knowledge or experience.

You, as the buyer, by visiting our website or purchasing instore or online, agree to adhere to our terms and conditions, which are as follows:



We accept a variety of payment methods including Credit card via Merchant Warrior, Poli Pay (Australia Posts payment platform), Bitcoin and zip pay. ALL orders must be paid for in full before the items are dispatched. In some cases, if there is a delay in payment for any reason we will hold stock for 48 hours to allow this to be resolved after which time, if payment has not been received we will cancel the order and return the items back to stock. 



Australia Post is the service we use for sending all our orders. All our parcels are sent with signature to ensure the safest delivery. You can request to have signature removed by responding to the text or email send FROM AUstralia Post. However, if you choose to remove signature on delivery, we will not be held liable for lost, misplaced or stolen parcels. 

You can select from either regular post or the express post option, each attract their own charges which must be paid for by the buyer.

Orders received by 1pm on any business day will be dispatched same day, if paid in full, unless it is a public holiday. We are based in Melbourne, so please be mindful of the relevant state holidays that affect the postal service and any time differences for daylight savings when interstate. Australia post time frames are as follows:

Regular Parcel Post – 2-6 Business Days depending on your location

Express Parcel Post – 1-2 Business Days if you are within the specified Express post delivery zones.

For more information on estimated delivery times and to check whether you are in an express post delivery zone, visit this link https://auspost.com.au/sending/send-within-australia/delivery-speeds-and-coverage ).

We take the utmost care with packing and fulfilling orders and despatching them in a timely manner, a tracking number will be emailed to you for all orders, unless you have not checked out with an email, in which case you should receive a text.

 Once a parcel has left our premises we bear no responsibility of the delivery of this item, and the responsibility of the delivery lies solely with Australia Post, including parcels that demonstrate damage from the outside and the potential resulting damage to the parcels contents.

From time to time a parcel may become delayed or go missing, in this instance we recommend you contact Aus Post and lodge an investigation or we can lodge an investigation and nominate you to further liaise with them and receive updates on the tracking and outcome of the said missing parcel, this can take up to 10 days for Australia Post to resolve and we cannot refund or resend the item until the investigation has been concluded.

As part of the terms and conditions outlined, by purchasing from the VAPR website you agree that you will not hold the sender responsible for any delays in transit as caused by the delivery company. 

Parcels that are returned to sender as a result of an incorrect address, refusal to accept the parcel or failure to claim, will require the customer to pay for the re-sending of the item. Additionally, when a parcel is returned to VAPR, we incur a $10 return charge, Customers will need to pay this fee along with the re-sending cost. Alternatively, the $10 fee will be deducted from the cost of your refund of items should you choose not to pay for the re-sending and opt instead for a refund of items, aswell as a 5% merchant fee - PLEASE BE SURE TO CHECK YOUR ADDRESS IS CORRECT AT CHECKOUT TO AVOID THESE ISSUES.


 VAPR does NOT ship internationally


  1. Dead On Arrival (DOA): DOA applies when an item has arrived non-functional, Buyer must report the DOA to us by email message or phone call within 3 days of the item being delivered to the buyer. Depending on the circumstances we may require a short video or photo of the fault, for warranty purposes in dealing with our manufacturer. In the event this information is insufficient we will require the buyer to physically return the item to VAPR, (either in store or by post). The item needs to be shipped back to us by Australia Post Standard Parcel Service and the tracking number has to be provided by the buyer. Once received by us we will carry out the assessment for DOA under manufacturer/supplier’s instructions. Item/items returns must not show any signs of physical damage or intentional damage.  
  • If the item is assessed as DOA and we have requested the product be sent back to us, we will reimburse the buyer for the postage costs for sending the item back to us and we will ship a new unit of same product in exchange for DOA product to buyer. The DOA products will only be exchanged if there is no sufficient replacement available. At VAPRs discretion we will offer a refund instead of an exchange.
  • If the item is assessed as operational and the problem was due to buyer’s lack of knowledge in using the product; item will be returned to the buyer. We will ship the item back after buyer has paid for all postage costs incurred by us.


  1. Items arrived Damaged: If you receive an item that has arrived with no discernible damage to the exterior, (damage caused in transit – we may require proof that the parcel was not mishandled in transit), but once opened is damaged, we will request that you, the buyer, contact us within 24 hours and provide photos or video of the damage. If it is deemed through no fault of the transport company, (Australia Post) or through mishandling by the buyer, we will arrange for a replacement of the item.
  1. Change of mind/non- faulty items/unsuitable items/ do not like item/ do not like flavour: We do not refund or exchange items for any of the afore mentioned reasons. All sales are final so ensure you have made a concerted effort to determine which product is best suited for you. If unsure, please do not hesitate to contact us
  2. If you have purchased an incorrect item, we can, at our discretion, provide you an exchange as long as: - The item has not been opened, - Is completely sealed and in its original condition, If you have purchsed the item online, we will ship out the exchange item at your cost, once the original item has been recieved. If you choose to request a refund on an already sent online order, we will require you to 1. Pay to have the item posted back to us, (DO NOT REFUSE PARCEL/OR SEND BACK RETURN TO SENDSER - as we incur a $10 RTS fee from Aus post and will deduct this from your refund). 2. Once we have received the item, in unopeed and original condition, we will arrange refund in the original payment method LESS our 5% cancellation fee PLUS the cost of the postage, (if you accessed the free postage special - if you paid for postage, your refund will be ONLY less the 5%cancellation fee).
  3.  We have a STRICT POLICY on E-Juices - we do not offer refunds or returns, once they have left the store/warehouse as we can no longer guarantee they are in brand new condition and as such we will not accept returns. Nor will VAPR refund or replace should you 1. not like the flavour, 2. feel the flavour is different or has changed 3.disagree with the description of the flavour or it's profile.  Furthermore, due to the sale and supply of nicotine being ILLEGAL in Australia, NONE OF OUR E-liquids CONTAIN NICOTINE.     
    • Faulty Item: **We require a photo of the serial number on the packaging of your box in order to claim warranty from manufacturer. Be sure to take a photo of the scratched scratch panel and serial number before discarding of your packaging/box.
    • Buyer must report a faulty item to us by email message within 3 days of item being delivered to buyer. Depending on the circumstances we may require a short video or photo of the fault, for warranty purposes in dealing with our manufacturer. In the event this information is insufficient we will require the buyer to physically return the item to VAPR, (either in store or by post). Item needs to be shipped back to VAPR by Australia Post Standard Parcel Service and tracking number MUST be provided by the buyer. Once received by us we will carry out the assessment for faulty item under manufacturer/supplier’s instructions – We require up to 3-5 business days, from the date of arrival of the item, for the assessment to be conducted, so please be patient during this time. Item/items returns must not show any signs of intentional damage or incorrect use.  
    • Inline with the ACCC, Australian Consumer Law and industry standards, vaping products qualify for a statutory 3 month, (90 day), warranty period. applicable items, outside of this time frame, will not qualify for refund, repair or replacement. Please contact us if you have an issue and we will do our best to assist you if we can.
    • If the item is deemed non functional, due to manufacture fault, we will reimburse the buyer for the postage costs for sending the item back to us, (ONLY IF: proof of postage cost/receipt is provided), and we will ship a new unit of same product in exchange for faulty product to buyer with free shipping or provide a refund for the amount of the item only. The faulty products will only be exchanged if there is no sufficient replacement available.
    • If the item is deemed in working order, OR failing to work as a result of: 
      • ​​Mi​suse, deliberate/accidental damage - including signs of dropping or damages caused by wear and tear.
      • F​ailure or damage caused due to improper use or unauthorized repairs.
      • F​ailure or damage as a result of excessive force such as dropping.
      • F​​ailure or damage as a result of usage outside of recommended usage condition​​s​, including non genuine coils and batteries​.
      • Failure or damage caused by improper use of water or other liquids.
      then the item will be returned to the buyer. We will ship the item back after buyer has paid for the return postage.
    • From time to time errors may occur where an incorrect item has been sent. Please notify us immediatley and within 1-3 days from the date of Aus Post delivery to arrange a swift and suitable remedy. Replacement items will not be posted before the incorrect items in their original and unused condition, have been returned. However we will work with you to ensure a satisfactory outcome.
    • PLEASE NOTE: - Li-ion batteries qualify for a 14 day warranty period ONLY. You, the buyer, must ensure that wraps have not been removed, that they do not appear to be in poor condition and ensure they are not just completely flat, under these circumstances, Li-ion batteries DO NOT qualify for warranty. Please use common sense when assessing whether the battery is faulty or whether more appropriate care and maintenance needed to have been used.
    • VAPR advises against using the built-in USB charging feature on mods that use replaceable lithium ion cells. It is recommended that in order to deliver a balanced charge on Lithium ion batteries a proper external charger must be used, this also reduces the potential of damaging the cells, (removable batteries), reducing the liklihood of damage to the port, along with reducing the risk of venting. Micro and mini USB ports are notoriously fragile and as such we do not offer a warranty or repair service on any USB charging ports if you choose to ignore this warning***. Regarding internal battery mods, USB ports are often the first point of failure as they are fragile and frequently used. Please take care when utilising the charging port as signs of accidental damage or misuse, will void warranty.
    • In order for VAPR to qualify products for warranty through the manufacturer we require you to keep your original packaging so we may quote the serial number should there be an issue WITHIN the warranty period, as this is not ideal for some, we can accept a photo of your serial numbers from the box/packaging. If you intend on disposing of the packaging before the standard 3 month warranty period is up, it may be worth taking photos of your serial number.
    • Coils (including replacement pods), Clearamisers and Atomisers: Under the current standards set by the industry, these items are considered consumables, (that is, intended to be used and thrown away after a certain amount of time), as such these items do not qualify for warranty. Misuse, incorrect e-liquid compatibility, ie PG/VG ratio, incorrect wattage settings, and failure to prime are the main reasons behind multiple failed coils. Burnt coils are not a warranty issue. Additionally, the nature of coils is such that from time to time you may encounter a poorly performing coil.  


    1. E-Liquids: In the event that you do not like the e-liquid you have selected, once the product has left our premises  we can no longer offer a refund OR exchange. For obvious hygiene and safety reasons e-liquids cannot be resold once they have left the premises, as we can no longer be certain they are in original condition. In rare cases, individuals may have a sensitivity to the PG of the e-liquid or have concerns about potential adverse reactions, in these cases please cease using the product and seek medical assistance. VAPR accepts no liability for customers who experience adverse reactions. We further do not accept liability for those whom use the devices for illegal purposes. ***PLEASE NOTE: Many of the international juices may show a warning label for nicotine on the packaging, this is a requirement in the respective countries, and is printed on ALL their packaging including e-juices that have NO NICOTINE, which can be identified by the 0mg labelling/specifications - confirming that the nicotine content contained within the juice is 0mg
    2. Cancelling orders: If you need to cancel an order or portion of your order for any reason, we will refund you the cost of your order/items, via your original payment method, less the 5% processing fee that we are charged by the payment platform, which is not refunded to us and a restocking fee may apply for multiple to changes. Should you wish to make an amendment to your order, you can do so without cancelling by calling or emailing in a timely manner.

              VAPR may cancel your order at their discretion.


    It is the responsibility of the buyer to exercise correct and appropriate care and maintenance for all vape devices and accessories, by doing so you ensure the best performance and longevity of the item/s. VAPR WILL NOT replace/repair or exchange an item that has been poorly maintained, mishandled or misused. Devices that are gurg;ing, spitting, burning, leaking are NOT FAULTY. This is a maintennance issue. The manufacturer has not made an error in production, rather the device requires correct usage. We are more than happy to offer helpful tips and suggestions on best practices for your specific chosen device.  Warranty is considered void if the device/accessory has been used incorrectly, poorly handled or poorly maintained, including showing signs or expected general wear and tear.

    Please be advised many bottom airflow tanks will inherently experience some seepage or minor leakage, particularly if not used regularly. Minor leakage or seepage is not considered a warranty issue or faulty product and will not be replaced, always check to ensure your coils are in tight and correctly installed. If the tank is experiencing considerable leakage we will assess the cause and replace as necessary at our discretion.



    Use of all and any product supplied by VAPR is at the discretion of the buyer. VAPR accepts no liability for adverse reactions, illegal or incorrect use of devices or accessories.

    You, the buyer, acknowledge that these items cannot be sold to minors and agree that by utilising our website or visiting our store you agree that you are 18 years or older. If you look younger than 25 we may ask for I.D in store.

    VAPR, it's owners, employees and relevant associated parties assume no liability injury to a person, item or property caused as a result of use of products sold on this website. Use of equipment, devices and accessories sold and supplied is at the sole discretion of the buyer and maintenance and appropriate care is the responsibility of the buyer.