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Warranty Claim Form

read this first

STEP 1:Click the link to upload your video. A popup will appear. Leave 7 Day Expiry as it is and do not enter a password. Just click UPLOAD. After the upload is complete copy the link and paste it in the form. Your link will look something like https://easyupload.io/i962cf2


STEP 2:Repeat step 1 but this time please upload a photo of the serial number on the box.

STEP 3: Paste the upload link into the form and fill out as many details as possible, then click send.

STEP 4:We will usually reply on the same day but please allow up to 48hrs for a response. We will get to your request.

NOTE: To save extra delivery costs we can usually sort out your warranty with a video if it clearly shows the fault.

*Try to keep the video short and clearly show the fault. If you're using batteries show that the batteries are charged before you show the fault.

* All our Products come with a 3 month warranty. Terms and conditions apply. CLICK HERE