Sorry guys, the labor party has forced us to close. its been a great 8 years. we dont know what the future of vapr is right now as we were only given 3 days notice to close. who knows, we could be open again soon. so its not good bye, its see you soon. (hopefully)


It might take an extra day or two to ship your online orders due to the volume we had in the past two days


DONT STRESS, we are still around picking and packing your orders as fast as we can


Please contact us via email instead of calling. We will respond to emails as we can.


The fastest response you will get from us is via email. Contact:


DO NOT FORGET THIS DAY. You must put Labor and The Greens LAST when you vote at the next election. They did this to you!


We are now criminals if... TGA: Any person possessing a commercial quantity or more of vapes (currently 14 vaping devices, 90 vaping accessories or 600mL of liquid vaping substance). FINE: 7,000 penalty units ($2.191 million) for an individual