Cloud Chaos - Black Plague (AUS)


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Good “surprise”

Got lucky and landed a bottle of this in the Fruit version of the “grab bag” of juices. Love the fact that Vapr doesn’t use it as a channel *only* to dump bodgy, slow-selling or out of code products - bc I end up with “new faves” like this one.

Don’t be put off - when you uncap it you’ll think it’s going to be the most sickly-sweet, unvapeably-sweet, so sweet it’s going to make you sick juice. But it’s not, thank Dog.

Blackcurrant & raspberry it says on the bottle, and blackcurrant & raspberry is *exactly* what you get. I taste the raspberry first on inhale, but by the time I’m trying not to swallow bc I’d rather eat it, the blackcurrant sneaks over the top of rhe slight-slight-slight tartness and the second flavour gently takes over.

Worked out that if I exhale through my nose I get more ‘currant than ‘berry; exhale through the mouth & it swaps over for me. Tricksy!

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