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Guava Pop by The Mamasan (USA)

The classic Asian Guava hard candy finished with a sweet juicy peach.

100ml  70% VG


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Even better than it’s gorgeous bottle

I was lucky enough to score this in Vapr’s amazing “grab bags” - $160-170-odd of juices in a bag for $100. Delivered. Express. (Enter “value” in the search box to locate the Grab Bags - works for me!)

The Mamasan (which is the brand/company) have their marketing strategy perfected. The great bottle surrounding the fabulous Guava Pop flavour attracted me instantly. But, when the lid’s off - game over, other juices. No need to apply here.

It has a *definite* guava smell, and brilliantly, the taste does not let that phenomenal first whiff down. This little bottle is all guava, all the time. Well, except for a couple of support ‘flavours’ that my taste buds and brain haven’t agreed on yet. I’m reminded of strawberries, plus something sweet and citrusy, but definitely not orange/mandarin. It’s something exotic. Or it could remind me of a chewing gum flavour from the 1980s, I’m not sure... But not knowing the names of the guest flavours doesn’t ruin the experience of vaping this fantastic juice.

You could try get as lucky as me with a Grab Bag, or, do what I’m going to do when this bottle runs out. I’m going to hold a small, intimate ceremony, sob a little, and provide the bottle with a suitable resting place in the recycling bin, then as soon as a random, “polite” amount of mourning time as passed, drop $35 on the kindly folk at Vapr. Just knowing my next Guava Pop is on its way might be enough to get me through the realisation I could have re-ordered *before* the bottle ran out.