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Steam Crave Aromamizer Titan RDTA 28ml - The Older version *** 1 LEFT***

Aromamizer Titan RDTA is a really huge rebuildable tank atomizer from Steam Crave Aromamizer family. It comes with 28ml juice capacity and 41mm diameter for high powered vapers. Featuring beautiful big engravings/knurlings on top and bottom, it is easy to grip and disassemble. The replacement parts turn the Titan from RDA mode to 18ml (extra short glass tube) or 28ml RDTA modes. Together with the innovative LEGO style Modular build deck, which allows for endless coil build possibilities it is transformable from Postless to Velocity and series modes, Titan RDTA will bring you an diverse and miraculous vaping experience. The TITAN sets the bar for the 41mm market!

Size: 41 x 71mm(without 510 pin)
Capacity: 28ml/ 18ml(with extra glass tube)
Tank Type: RDTA(28ml/18ml)/ RDA

Really Titan tank with 28ml huge juice capacity and 41mm diameter
Innovative LEGO style Modular build deck with Postless/ Velocity series modes
Optional 28ml RDTA/ 18ml RDTA/ RDA(4.5ml in reservoir)
Easy top filling and adjustable bottom airflow

  • 1x Aromamizer Titan 28ml version whole unit
  • 1x Spare 28ml glass tube
  • 1x 18ml short glass tube
  • 1x 18ml short chimney
  • 2x Post for Velocity style modular
  • 1x Post for series modular
  • 1x Vape band
  • 1x Ultem drip tip
  • 1x Allen Key
  • 1x Pack of spare o-rings and grub screws
  • 1x User Manual

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Amazing in many ways...

Firstly, this is an easily modifiable tank and has many options. Postless, serial, velocity etc...
you can make so many variations it's sometimes hard to choose.

Then you have the options of 28ml glass, 18ml glass or no glass tank at all (RDA)

Airflow is side only, but there's many options even with the style of airflow.

In all, if you want and like heaps of options/choices and you know how to build or use good coils then this tank will fill all your needs and then some!

I say buy it just to practice your coil builds as the deck is very forgiving. If you're having trouble with flavour, maybe watch a couple videos on wicking techniques.

Luke K.
kicks ass

A beast of an RDTA. I am very happy with mine. Building is easy and very forgiving on the massive deck. Set mine up with Drunk Uncles on an F4 mod. With standard build @150wattd just huge clouds all day and solid flavour. I bought it as a novelty with no real expectations and ended up using it daily. Comes with 3 spare glasses, and one installed, which is very thoughtful. Money well spent. Only minor con is the juice flow ring runs along two o rings and is difficult to turn. Haven't had any leakage issues issues so I leave it open

Mathew M.

it’s very well built, makes a very nice cloud and taste is surprisingly good

Steam Crave - Aromamizer Titan RDTA 41MM

I will start off with super great and fast service.
This RDTA is next level, so many build options and tank options and all through supplied pieces in the rdta box. If you are looking for an extremely versatile rdta and a cloud chucking tank then give the titan a go. I have my titan sitting on top of my Hellhound Hammer of God. I'm very satisfied.

Rick S.
Steamcrave Aromamizer Titan

Absolutely bloody huge, massive tank, superb kit in the box. Lots of build options with the deck and Lego style building system. Instructions very easy to read and follow. Yes read instructions it's worth it, every bit. Ok now for flavour - brilliant with a good build, in mine I'm using triple Clapton wire spun into Clapton rope. Cloud production is out of this world, huge clouds. This tank is worth every cent and dollar you spend. I'm using the Modefined Prism to power my Titan. Perfect match.