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Melbourne Sunbury Vape Shop

February 18, 2018 1 min read

Melbourne - Victoria - Quality Vape Shop

VAPR is a small, family owned business that prides itself on authentic, quality hardware and e-liquids, true expertise and an open and comfortable space for open, one-on-one conversation.

We don't waste time on upselling when we can identify the right product for the individual, our business is solely focused on matching the individual with their most relevant device.

Our passion lies in the lifestyle that vaping affords, when replacing the insidious combustible/traditional tobacco. 

Our staff are meticulously handpicked, to represent the exponential potential that vaping presents to the traditional tobacco/cigarette smoker. We are as picky as we are,  so that we may be able to advise, with great confidence, what the vaping lifestyle can offer.

Hidden within the beautiful country suburban setting of semi rural Sunbury, VAPR offers a comfortable and warm setting in which to consult on the options of vaping.

We offer a FREE consultation service to all customers, covering devices, legal nicotine sourcing options and juice flavouring for anyone wanting a little bit of personalised one on one contact, so please feel free to call and book in.

Looking forward to meeting even more of our local and surrounding customers and providing exceptional service.

See you soon guys, and thanks to those of you who have popped in to say hi :)

Tiff,Robbie & Blair @VAPR