Melbourne Vape Stores - Sunbury, Laverton & Werribee
Melbourne Vape Stores - Sunbury, Laverton & Werribee
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The Best Selection of Vape Juice in Australia

With over 300 flavours and brands in our range, Vapr has one of the best selections of e-liquids in Australia. Our vape juice is nicotine free, as current Australian laws prohibit the sale of nicotine by retailers, however there is no law against purchasing it for personal use. If you do choose to mix nicotine into your e-liquids we recommend a max 50mg or 5% base, especially for beginners. Our vape juices come in two strengths; either ready to vape for the best experience straight away or doubler which is twice the flavour strength and can be diluted with nicotine.

We’re a Melbourne-based business, started by vape enthusiasts to bring helpful information to beginner vapers so that everyone can enjoy the lifestyle safely. Along with our extensive range of vape liquids, we also have quality vape batteries, e-cigarettes and vape pens to begin your vaping journey.

Every flavour of e-juice imaginable

Want the sweet taste of strawberries all day long? How about cookies without the calories? With hundreds of e-juice flavours to choose from, you’ll never be stuck searching for that elusive taste. Our range includes all day vapes, like crowd favourite watermelon, so that you can enjoy your on a regular basis. We also stock multiple novelty e-liquid flavours such as S’mores, banana custard and Neapolitan ice cream. Browse our full selection of vape liquids online.

Buy vape liquid in store or online

We have three retail stores across Melbourne in Sunbury, Laverton and Werribee, as well as a dedicated online store with all the same quality vape products, advice and beginners tips for you to peruse. You can order e-juice both online or in store and we deliver throughout Australia. Should you have any questions on our products, our Melbourne-based team are always happy to answer questions. Get in touch on 0490 609 561 or via the online contact form.