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December 07, 2022 1 min read

As rare as a unicorn!

The 30mm Pandemic is a rare beauty. Some are wondering, Is this the Asgard killer....?

Limited runs make this RDA elusive and high quality, as the focus is on the build and not mass production.

A range of airfow options ensures your desired intake.

The huge 30mm deck provides room for your beefiest coils.

Key features:
- Limited edition;
- 30 mm outer diameter;
- Multiple choice of air intake;
- Copper pin and gold plated building posts;
- Only completely black color RDA;
- Unique engravings "Plague within edition";
- A set of additional O-rings and screws;
- Hex key.
- Spare set of flat head screws
This is a one off RDA from the highly regarded Unicorn Mods and is available in Australia ONLY through VAPR.
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