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October 13, 2016 5 min read

So you've started vaping! 

You've gone through the process of finding the best device for you - which you never leave home without and you've even narrowed down your absolute favourite e-juice flavours now!

Displaying a variety of e-cigarettes standing next to each other.

....but you're still a little unsure about the whole adding your own nicotine to your ejuice situation and buying premixed e-juice with nicotine from overseas is expensive and SLOW!

Fear not! it's really quite straight forward, combining your own supply of nicotine to your favourite ejuices.

Buying your own nicotine for personal use is perfectly legal in some states(check your states laws) and is in fact a much more affordable option.

If your journey began, out of a desire to replace smoking, nicotine e-juice and DIY juice mixing have probably been on your radar for a while.


You will need a few essentials:

- Your own supply of liquid nicotine:

unflavoured nicotine

This can be obtained from overseas available from New Zealand, America or China. There are quite a few well known and reputable brands that are widely used throughout the Australian vaping community. 


So now you have your liquid nicotine, What next?

- E-juice in doubler form: 

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Doublers are the vaping communities answer to the restrictive legislation regarding nicotine e-juice. As the sale of nicotine e-juice and eliquids containing ANY nicotine in Australia is illegal, doublers provide vapers the opportunity to create their own nicotine liquids with their desired nicotine strength using their favourite e-juice. Doublers are a double strength juice which allow you to dilute to optimum flavour using a combination of liquid nicotine and PG/VG. Think of a doubler as the cordial flavouring, which needs to be diluted with the nicotine and PG/VG acting as the water to achieve the perfect flavoured vape! All our ejuices are available in two doubler options:  'Full Bottle Doublers', (suited to the advanced/confident ejuice mixer - you would require empty bottles to make up a 'ready to vape' mix) and 'Easy Mix Doublers' (these come as a double strength concentrate in a half filled bottle to allow adding the nicotine and PG/VG straight into the bottle - eliminating the need for additional empty bottles and ensuring a simple, mess free process)

- PG/VG:

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Short for Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin, These are the two main components of any e-juice liquid. I'll keep info on these brief as there is a wealth of knowledge both on our PG and VG listings as well as right throughout the web. In short PG carries the flavours of each juice while VG is responsible for the density of the clouds.  You can vary the ratio of your PG/VG ejuice when advancing further to obtain those impressive heavy clouds however, high VG juices are best suited to more advanced vape devices, particularly dripper mods. When mixing your nicotine into the e-juice, you will only require a fairly small amount, to correctly dilute the remaining doubler concentrate you will need plain PG/VG. Our recommended ratio is 50/50 PG/VG which can be purchased in bulk here, however we do also offer 100% PG and 100% VG for the discerning vaper and juice mixing expert!

- Plastic syringes:

 Several syringes with different ml markings are handy and will ensure your e-juice mix accurately vapes at your desired nicotine strength.  Our nicotine mixing calculator will determine the exact amount of nicotine and PG/VG you will need to add to your doubler mix.

In summary - You have your liquid nicotine, doubler strength e-juice, PG/VG and some syringes for accurate measuring (to the millilitre)

What now?

The hard part is over, figuring out what you need and why is the lengthy bit, mixing is easy!


First go ahead and open up the Nicotine Mixing Calculator

The first field in the calculator to fill out is Nicotine Base Strength. This is the strength of the liquid nicotine you purchased, (earlier in the blog we recommended 50mg, the base strength will be written on the bottle), if you purchased the 50mg as suggested enter 50 into the first field.

The second field in the calculator is Target Nicotine strength. This is how strong you want the vape to be.  It is referring to mg, (milligram) strength and how much "throat hit" you are looking for.

As with everything, this is quite subjective and may take a few goes to find your own personal preference/ "sweet spot". General guidelines for target strengths are as follows:

Heavy smokers - 16-24mg

Regular smokers - 12-18mg

Light smokers - 6-12mg

Very light smokers - 1-6mg

(We recommend starting lower as you can always add a little more but if you make it too strong diluting further may reduce the flavour intensity - the most common strength is usually around 3mg-12mg)

NOTE:- If you are using a sub ohm device, (any device which uses coils below 1.0ohm), your nicotine strength will need to be lowered again, as you will be inhaling much more vapour and as such more nicotine per hit, than the regular vaping devices. usually around 3mg.


The third field is the Amount To Make. If you have bought an 'Easy Mix Doubler' you will be entering the size of the bottle, ie, if you bought a 15ml easy mix doubler you will enter 30ml amount to make. If you are making your juice from a full bottle doubler the same rule applies, just enter in the full bottle size you intend to make - the full size of the empty bottle.

Once you have entered all these field in, you will get your Amount to make measurements. Now you can measure, accurately using your syringe, the nicotine and add directly to the bottle, then measure and add your PG VG amount - if you are adding into an easy mix doubler - just replace the nozzle and twist cap lid shake vigorously and add to your device, if you are making your own from full bottle doublers and empty bottles measure and add your doubler flavour mix, replace the nozzle and twist cap lid, shake vigorously and vape.

That's it! Pretty simple really. Now it is a matter of discovering your optimum nicotine amount and this will come with a little trial and error. 

Many, many vapers easily reduce their nicotine amount overtime and often times completely reduce to 0mg nicotine - when they either eliminate vaping all together or continue to vape, without nicotine purely for the joy of vaping and to maintain that hand to mouth action which they find to be enjoyable and familiar - the choice is yours and you have given yourself the freedom to choose!

If you have any questions or would like some further support to mix your own, send us an email here