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Endura T18 Starter Kit by Innokin (MTL) 1000mAh-starter
Endura T22 by Innokin (MTL)
Innokin Adept Starter Kit with 2ml Zlide Tank 3000mAh (MTL)-Starter
Innokin ARES-2 mtl RTA
Innokin ARES-2 mtl RTA 24mm
Innokin CoolFire Mini Zenith D22 kit 1300mAh - MTL-Starter
Innokin Coolfire Z50 Zlide kit 2100mAh-Starter
Innokin DV Pod Cartridge
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Innokin DV Pod Starter
Innokin DV Pod Starter Kit
$14.95 $34.95
Innokin Endura Prism T22 Tank 4ml (MTL)
Innokin Endura T20 Replacement
Innokin Endura T20s Starter Kit 1500mAh (MTL)-Starter
Innokin EZ.WATT VW Kit 1500mAh (MTL)-Starter
Innokin JEM/Goby Starter Kit - 2ml - 1000mah (MTL)
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Innokin Kroma-A Kit with Zenith 2000mAh (MTL)
Innokin Kroma-R Box
Innokin Kroma-R Box Mod
Innokin Kroma-R Kit with 4ml Zlide tank (MTL)-Starter
Innokin MVP 5 120W TC Box MOD
Innokin Scion 2 Replacement Coil
Innokin T20s Tank (MTL)
Innokin T20s Tank (MTL)
Innokin Zenith Coils (Z-Coils Plexus Replacement Coil)
Innokin Zenith Pro replacement glass 5.5ml-replacement
Innokin Zenith Pro tank 5.5ml (MTL)
Innokin Zenith Tank - 4ml (MTL)

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