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Tims Coils - Premium Handmade

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Tims Coils - Australian Hand-made Top Quality Coils

When setting coils, start with no more than 20 Watts then slowly increase until satisfied that all hot spots are out.

** Ohms are referring to dual coil

Chaos Aliens


NI80, SS

Ohms- 0.11+/-

3.0 ID

6 Wraps, Take a wrap off and these puppies will let you know if you have a set.


Easy Riders- Staggered Fused Claptons


All SS

Ohms 0.12+/-

6 Wraps.

3.0 ID

Great all day easy vaping coils.

Night Stalkers- Alien 

These coils combine SS and Ni90 to give you a violent amount of flavour that will have coming back for more!


NI90, SS

Ohms – 0.1 +/-

3.0 ID

6 Wraps, take a wrap off and the true violence of NI90 comes through.

Staggerton Variations

This is a prize winning coil from a build off with several international teams. They take around 3.5 hrs to make and can handle mass power, best suited for lipo/ RTA combination. Flavour is everything.


4 X 0.4 SS Ribbon

6 X 0.3 NI80 Ribbon

40 Gauge SS Fuse.

Ohms- 0.10 +/-


A seriously nice cloud chasing and flavour banging coil that can take some punishment.


8 X 0.3 NI80 Ribbon.

38 Gauge Fuse.

2 X 27 Gauge NI80

Ohms – 0.11+/-


**NEW: Soul Reavers

These Stainless-Steel Coils are great for those replay fans and vapers who appreciate quality in their setups. Delivering a full-bodied flavour and solid cloud production for your enjoyment, these coils will definitely impress even the fussiest of coil connoisseurs.


  • Ohms- 0.11 (+/-) Dual Coil
  • Pre Heat- 20 Watts
  • 6 Wraps
  • 0 ID
  • Wattage Range- 80 – 110w
  • Voltage Range- 3.5 – 6.0v
  • Type- Stainless Steel Alien
  • Use on Mechanical, Voltage & Regulated devices.
  • Made From Wire Optim & TVA wire.

**NEW: Cursed

These NI80 Coils produce massive flavour and a consistent, well rounded cloud. For lovers of fruit flavours, these coils enhance the back notes and balance the flavour profile beautifully. Able to be used as a singe coil as well as a dual coil, you will absolutely love the crackle and cloud that these coils produce.


  • Ohms: 0.17 (+/-) Dual Coil
  • Pre Heat: 20 Watts
  • 6 Wraps
  • 0 ID
  • Wattage Range:  75 – 115 Watts
  • Type: NI80 Alien
  • Use on regulated devices.
  • Able to be used in Single coil application.
  • Made From Wire Budha wire.


Who loves a cracking Single Coil Boro For billet box style devices? These coils deliver not just flavour but also a crackle that would put a tazer to shame. Boasting a hybrid wire configuration of NI80 & Stainless Steel, these coils will certainly please all boro using vapers.


  • Ohms: 0.33 (+/-) Single Coil
  • Pre Heat 14 Watts
  • 4 Wraps Boro configuration
  • Wattage Range: 33 – 45 Watts
  • Single Coil (2 coil set)
  • Type: Ni80, SS Alien
  • 5 ID
  • Use on Boro style devices and single coil RTA & RDA
  • Made from Wire Budha & Wire Optim wire



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A work of art!

A bloody work of art! Perfection with these easy riders! May have found my new go to coils!